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Heather Cannon Honda Service - Maintenance
Heather Cannon Honda Service Intervals
Factory Scheduled Maintenance
5K Miles
10K Miles
15K Miles
30K Miles
45K Miles
60K Miles
75K Miles
90K Miles
105K Miles

       It is the owner's responsibility to make sure that the specified maintenance is performed. Documentation of said maintenance may be needed in case of major repairs. Details of these requirements are shown in your owner's manual. Some vehicles slightly higher. All prices subject to change without notice. This factory scheduled plus dealer recommenced maintenance menu serves as a basic guide for the driving conditions of Tidewater & Hampton Roads.

5,000 Mile Service (A)*
10,000 Mile Service (A-1)*
15,000 Mile Service (B1)*
30,000 Mile Service (B2)*
Repeat at 60K & 90K Miles
45,000 Mile Service (B3)*
Repeat at 75K & 105K Miles
       *Some models may be slightly higher due to different types of fluids used & total system capacities

Heather Cannon Honda
3415 N. 14th St.
Ponca City, OK 74601

Sales: (888) 572-4823
Service: (888) 571-8270
Parts: (888) 571-8270
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